Premera Summer Internship


3.5 Months (Jun-Sep, 2020)

My Role

Customer Experience Design Intern


Adobe XD,, Microsoft Sharepoint

IMG_4504 2.heic

A sneak peek...

This summer I had the opportunity to intern at Premera and work on 1) redesigning the Total Joint Replacement site, 2) creating a Microsite for the Customer Experience (CX) department using Microsoft Sharepoint, and 3) collaborating with two business analysts and leading the internal interviews with the review teams at Premera. 

Designing for healthcare has always been a passion of mine! Although this all happened virtually for 3.5 months, it was definitely an unforgettable summer working with some amazingly talented people and getting to explore a variety of projects that will influence the lives of millions of users. 

My biggest learnings

01. Small UI changes can make a HUGE difference

One of my biggest tasks was to redesign the Total Joint Replacement site - a platform where individuals under Premera Healthcare Plan seek important information about knee and hip replacement. I was surprised to learn that by moderating UIs slightly to surface key information (e.g. contact info and plan options) had resulted in immediate impact on improving the onboarding experience for new users (increased 20%).

02. Engage cross-functional partners throughout the process

As an intern, it was a new experience for me learn how to drive meetings with cross-functional partners and ensure we agree on the same set of visions and expectations for the projects. Taking the advice from my manager, I invited my stakeholders to sit in the internal user interviews, presented research insights and early prototypes with them to always keep them engaged in the loop.