Interaction Design Children (IDC) Toolkit


1.3 Years (Sep 2019-Present)

My Role

Interactive Design, Content Strategy



Team Size 


Video Presented at IDC Conference 2020

The Birth of the IDC Toolkit

I was part of the Children Design + Interaction Technology Research Group back in Autumn 2019, where I assisted the team with analyzing 300+ papers from the Interaction Design and Children (IDC) Library in the past decade. 


We realized that many of these insights were being left behind and only less than 8% were being utilized in the industry. As a result, I collaborated with the lead of the research group, Saba Kawas and another student, Khang Lee to initiate this toolkit - a tool that aims to bridge the research-academia gap. 

Project still in-progress. Will be updated soon :) 

Thanks for reading! ✨